Pantaleo oil

Quality olive oils for all uses and all palates. Discover the Pantaleo product range.

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
Suitable for all dishes
Our extra-virgin olive oil is able to bring out the flavours of all the ingredients without ever overpowering them. For that reason, our oil is recommended for all uses, both as a dressing on salads or meats, or else on a delicious bruschetta, as well as for more complex recipes.
Italian Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
Excellent as a dressing
Our Italian extra-virgin olive oil is one of the highlights of our production, made from the finest, carefully-selected Italian oils.
Gold Selection Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
Gold Selection
Gold Selection Extra-Virgin Olive Oil is made with some very exclusive and valuable batches of oil that the Pantaleo family chooses for their own personal use.
100% Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
Pantaleo organic extra-virgin olive oil is cold extracted from olives grown here on the Pantaleo family estate and pressed, within a few hours of harvesting, here at our family oil press.
Young Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
Young is an outstanding organic extra-virgin oil, made from olives grown and picked according to strictly organic methods.
Olive Oil
For cooking and sauces
Oil containing exclusively olive oils which have been refined and oils obtained directly from olives. This is the ideal oil for dressings such as mayonnaise, light condiments and frying.
Olive Pomace Oil
Perfect for frying
Olive Pomace oil contains exclusively oils from processing the product obtained after extracting olive oil, as well as oils obtained directly from the olives.
Pantaleo oil
Extra-virgin olive oilClassicSuitable for all dishes Extra-virgin olive oil100% ItalianExcellent as a dressing Extra-virgin olive oil100% ItalianGold Selection Extra-virgin olive oil100% Organic Extra-virgin olive oilOrganic Olive oilFor cooking and sauces Olive pomace oilPerfect for frying