OroNovo extra-virgin olive oil

The extra-virgin olive oil with a fresh, confident personality

OroNovo extra-virgin olive oil made from olives harvested slightly early, when they are still mostly green. This gives it a grassy, vegetal fruitiness and a balanced flavour that is slightly bitter and pungent.

Even just a few drops drizzled across a dish will bring out the best in it, adding style without putting a balanced diet at risk.

Its confident yet balanced character makes OroNovo the perfect extra-virgin olive oil for bringing out the flavour of salads, meats and fish; it is also the ideal condiment for pulses, and an outstanding accompaniment for simple dishes such as grilled vegetables or bruschetta.

In order to maintain all of its characteristics, we recommend closing the lid on your bottle of OroNovo extra-virgin olive oil and storing it in a cool, dark place, away from light and heat.


Available in the following formats

1 liter


Format: 1 liter

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