Single portions
100% Italiano Oro

Simple, practical, secure.

single portions

An ideal solution for quality HoReCa companies.

The Italian extra-virgin olive oil in our Pantaleo single portions is made from the finest, carefully-selected Italian oils. Used raw, straight from the bottle, this 100% Italian extra-virgin olive oil maintains all the fragrance of healthy just-ripe olives the moment they are picked, as they turn from green to dark brown.

With its balanced character, it is a perfect accompaniment for salads, meat or fish dishes, as well as for pulses or simply drizzled over grilled vegetables or bruschetta.

With its inviting scent of fresh olives, together with its medium-intensity pungent and spicy flavour, this Italian extra-virgin olive oil also features an array of benefits, including:

practical opening on the single portion bottle which stops hands from getting greasy; after opening, the bottle can be placed vertically;

the quality of the Italian extra-virgin olive oil used in the Pantaleo single portion and its full intense flavour, which even in small quantities adds outstanding taste to any dish;

practical and easy to carry around with you;

high oleic acid content and simple dosage technique makes the single portions suitable for low-calorie diets.


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