Pure raw quality

At long last an answer to your need for top-quality extra-virgin olive oil in a small package with the Pantaleo range of premium olive oils.

The fruit of meticulous craftsmanship, combining traditional production methods with state-of-the-art technology, together with strict checks throughout the supply chain, from olive grove to bottle, this oil embodies the finest qualities that the Mediterranean diet can offer. A rare example of pure quality, designed to be savoured raw.

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PGI Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
Bottled Apulian gold

Its sheer variety of sensory qualities originate from the genotype of its numerous indigenous cultivars, from the unrivalled geographical and climatic characteristics of its soils, and from the culture techniques and extraction methods used throughout the Puglia region.

Created by pressing olives harvested early, when still green, which gives this oil its grassy flavours, with hints of raw artichoke. Achieving a fine balance between pungent and bitter, this is a perfect dressing for a wide variety of dishes. Ideal as a dressing on vegetables, pulses, meats, fish or crustaceans, or simply to liven up a great salad.



Gold Selection Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
From our family table to yours

Gold Selection Extra-Virgin Olive Oil is made with some very exclusive and valuable batches of oil that the Pantaleo family chooses for their own personal use. Produced from the Coratina and Ogliarola Barese varieties, Gold Selection Extra-Virgin Olive Oil is the ideal choice for lovers of intense, bold flavours. For this reason, we designed an anti-drip cap which guarantees an optimal dosage of Gold Selection Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, and prevents overdressing and waste.

With its greenish-yellow hues, Gold Selection Extra-Virgin Olive Oil initially presents an green fruitiness with a bouquet of spring flowers, with a background fragrance of raw artichoke and a bitter almond aftertaste. We recommend using it as a dressing on vegetables, pulses, meats, fish or crustaceans, or simply to liven up a great salad.



OroNovo Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
The extra-virgin olive oil with a fresh, confident personality

OroNovo extra-virgin olive oil made from olives harvested slightly early, when they are still mostly green. This gives it a grassy, vegetal fruitiness and a balanced flavour that is slightly bitter and pungent. Even just a few drops drizzled across a dish will bring out the best in it, adding style without putting a balanced diet at risk.

Its confident yet balanced character makes OroNovo the perfect extra-virgin olive oil for bringing out the flavour of salads, meats and fish; it is also the ideal condiment for pulses, and an outstanding accompaniment for simple dishes such as grilled vegetables or bruschetta. In order to maintain all of its characteristics, we recommend closing the lid on your bottle of OroNovo extra-virgin olive oil and storing it in a cool, dark place, away from light and heat.



Young Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
Organic olive oil dedicated to those you love

Young is an outstanding organic extra-virgin oil, made from olives grown and picked according to strictly organic methods. So it is a healthy and safe product, with a sweet full-bodied flavour and low acidity, particularly recommended as a condiment for children and the elderly.



100% Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
Extra-virgin olive oil as nature designed it

Pantaleo Italian organic extra-virgin olive oil is made from olives grown, harvested and pressed, in accordance with the strict principles of organic farming. That’s why our olive oil still contains all the goodness that made Southern Italy and our Mediterranean diet famous around the world. A fresh, healthy oil, with an intense green fruitiness, with vegetal and grassy notes reminiscent of green tomato. To fully appreciate its outstanding sensory qualities, make sure to use it strictly as a dressing to flavour meats, bruschetta, salads and raw or cooked vegetables.



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