Italian Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

An ideal EVO for dressings

Our Italian extra-virgin olive oil is one of the highlights of our production, made from the finest, carefully-selected Italian oils.
When used straight from the bottle, this 100% Italian extra-virgin olive oil maintains the fragrance of healthy just-ripe olives the moment they are picked, as they turn from green to dark brown.

Never aggressive, our extra-virgin olive oil’s most distinguishing feature is its balanced character.
Italian extra-virgin olive oil’s scent of fresh olives, together with its medium-intensity bitter and spicy tones, are the perfect accompaniment for salads, meat or fish dishes, as well as with pulses or simply drizzled over grilled vegetables or bruschetta.


Available in the following formats

1 liter

750 ml

500 ml

250 ml

3 liters



Format: 1 liter

Use it in...
Aubergine parmigiana
60 min. low difficulty Italian Extra-Virgin Olive Oil (per il sugo)
Olive Oil (per la frittura)
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