PGI Protected Geographical Indication extra-virgin olive oil from Puglia

Bottled Apulian gold

Its sheer variety of sensory qualities originate from the genotype of its numerous indigenous cultivars, from the unrivalled geographical and climatic characteristics of its soils, and from the culture techniques and extraction methods used throughout the Puglia region.

Created by pressing olives harvested early, when still green, which gives this oil its grassy flavours, with hints of raw artichoke. Achieving a fine balance between pungent and bitter, this is a perfect dressing for a wide variety of dishes. Ideal as a dressing on vegetables, pulses, meats, fish or crustaceans, or simply to liven up a great salad.


Available in the following formats

500 ml

500 ml - top-up cap



  • Platinum Tasting Cup
    MIOOA 2021 Olioofficina
    Igp Olio di Puglia
    Category: medium ripe fruitiness
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Format: 500 ml

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